Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who do you work with?
A:  Catherine Cares works directly with hospitals.  The hospitals distributes the gift cards to families who receive a devastating diagnosis.

Q:  How many gift cards have you given hospitals?
A:  Since our launch on December 20, 2014, we’ve given hospitals almost 1,000 gift cards for families. 

Q:  What impact do gift cards have to a family in shock?
A:  The gift cards provide for a basic family need.  While trying to cope with the news of a devastating diagnosis, families don’t have to worry about the added burden of meal planning.  In addition, the gift cards provide families with a sense of hope.

Q: What is a Catherine Cares heartbeat bear?
A: Catherine Cares has worked with Build-A-Bear to design a custom bear with a recording device. Hospital staff will record the sound of a babies heartbeat on the device, place the device inside the bear, and give the bear to families who receive a life-threatening diagnosis.

Q:  Is Catherine Cares tax-deductible?
A:  Yes, Catherine Cares is recognized by the IRS as a 501C3 organization.

Q:  Do you work with restaurants?
A:  Through our restaurant partnership program, Spreading Catherine’s Love, we offer several ways to partner with restaurants. To view our Restaurant Partnership Program, click here, then click the “Restaurant” tab.

Q: Is there a way for businesses to partner with Catherine Cares?
A: Yes, there are several ways for businesses to partner with Catherine Cares. Click here to view the business partnership program, Spreading Catherine’s Love.

Q: How can I help?
A: There are many ways for an individual to help Catherine Cares provide for families embarking on a difficult journey. Click here then click the “Individuals” tab to learn how you can help.

Q: Why provide families with fuel gift cards?
A: When a child receives a diagnosis, additional doctor appointments are necessary. These extra trips to the doctor’s office or hospital can be a financial burden on a family especially if the family leaves 50+ miles away. Catherine Cares’ fuel gift cards help families get to these important appointments while alleviating the financial stress.

Q: Does Catherine Cares partner with any online charitable organizations?
A: Yes, Catherine Cares is a member of the eBay Giving Works and Amazon Smile.