Another 4 weeks have passed. Man, they go by quickly. Time for another appointment with our doctor, Laura. I wasn’t quite as emotional at this appointment. I was feeling pretty good about myself since I have cried through every other appointment to this point.

This started as a typical appointment- how are you feeling? How are both of you doing emotionally? What questions do you have? We also shared with Laura the progress we have made on the Catherine Cares front. It was a nice conversation.

Towards the end of the appointment, Laura informed us I was far enough along to start scheduling appointments every 2 weeks. Ugh. The first sign this pregnancy is coming to an end. I was so excited for this point in the pregnancy while pregnant with Madeline. Yet another reason this pregnancy is just so different.

Laura also suggested we needed to take care of 3 things by the end of December: Have a plan in place for Madeline’s care when I go into labor, pre-register with the hospital, and pack a hospital bag. That’s a dose of reality I wasn’t ready for.

Tears flowed.

With Catherine’s syndrome, it is possible I will go into pre-term labor. In two weeks at my next appointment, I am scheduled for an ultrasound. It is sometimes possible for the doctors to see signs of preterm labor in ultrasounds. We will see if I am showing any signs at that time.

We hugged and parted ways.

We will be back in two weeks.