Last night Wayne and I were sitting on our back patio enjoying some wine by the fire pit after a long work week. Our 15 month old daughter, Madeline, was asleep. I sipped my wine. It just didn’t taste that great to me which was strange. I am a fan of red wine. The last time an alcoholic beverage didn’t taste great I was pregnant. Could it be? No. Well, maybe. Now I was curious. I remembered I had a pregnancy test in the closet. Trying to remain calm, I said goodnight to Wayne and wondered inside. I located the test and took it. Then I waited. I was prepared for a “long” wait, but that wasn’t the case. PREGNANT appeared on the test quite quickly. I had two emotions- pure joy and a little bit of anxiety. Can I handle a second baby? How will I function on little sleep caring for an infant and a toddler? Will this baby be Madeline’s sister or brother? Madeline adores babies, but how will the transition go when this baby is here to stay? How can I love this baby as much as I love our sweet Madeline? When am I due? Probably around February- oh my gosh, they will be exactly two years apart! How fantastic! Oh my, I will have two kids two and younger. Other people do this and survive, right? How is Wayne going to take this news?

I wondered back outside with a goofy grin on my face and wide eyes while my mind was working overtime. Wayne looked up and joked, “What, you aren’t pregnant, are you?”How in the world did he know? I hadn’t let on about my suspicions. I just shook my head YES – still grinning – and showed him the test. Wayne’s eyes got huge. He smiled, leaned back in his chair, sipped his wine and shook his head in disbelief. He, too, was excited about another bambino on the way. Being Mr. Analytical his mind quickly shifted to logistics: Can we afford a second child? Where are we going to put our second baby in our two bedroom home? Can we afford to move? I could see his wheels turning. I rushed over to him and hugged him. We decided just to be excited for now. We could figure out the logistics later. We were having another baby!

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