We took a family trip to California. It was Madeline’s first time on an airplane. She did a fantastic job. She was a wee bit restless but not bad for a 17 month old. We brought chocolate in little bags to hand out to passengers near us as a peace offering since we had no idea what to expect from her. We attached a little note as well which read,

“Hello. My name is Madeline. This is my first time flying. My parents are going to do everything in their power to keep me entertained and happy. But just in case, here is some chocolate for you. Mama always says, ‘Everything is better with a little chocolate.’ Enjoy your flight! ~Madeline”

These peace offerings were a huge hit. In fact, one little kid gave Madeline a high five at the end of the flight because she did such a great job. It was really sweet!

The first part of our trip was spent in San Diego. We attended a Cardinals vs Padres game with many family members. The Cardinals won which was great since we’re from St. Louis. We spent a day on Coronado Island exploring and playing on the beach. We attended the beautiful wedding of my cousin and his wife. We had a great time celebrating a lovely couple. And we toured the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier. This first leg of the trip was jammed packed with fun and a trip of firsts for miss Madeline- first flight, first Cardinals’ game, first aircraft carrier, and first time at the beach!

After we left San Diego, we then spent one night in wine country. The resort where we stayed was nice and quiet on a golf course. As much fun as we had with family in San Diego, it was nice to be the three of us with no schedule. Although I couldn’t partake since I’m pregnant, we decided to go to a lovely little winery run by a very nice couple with a beautiful view of the countryside. We had the place all to ourselves. We even shipped a few bottles home so I can partake after baby #2 arrives in February.

Finally, we spent a few days with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Dana Point. We hadn’t seen their home in southern California so it was nice to see them in their habitat- and what a lovely habitat it is! As an added bonus, some of Wayne’s next door neighbors growing up, whom he adores, lived close to the area so he got to catch up with them one afternoon. We enjoyed playing at the beach, swimming, taking walks, and shopping in Laguna Beach. We do not get to see this side of the family often it was nice to have them all to ourselves. And, it was extra special they got to know Madeline so well.

There were so many reasons why this trip was great fun. We made many memories together as a family and we have a ton of pictures to prove it. But, what made me most happy was to have Wayne all to ourselves. He works so hard to provide for our family day in and day out. But every hard worker needs a break and we hadn’t had a lengthy vacation in 3 years. I’m so glad we were able to make that happen for our family but especially for Wayne.

The summer was winding down a few weeks after we returned home. We enjoyed the last few days of summer. I continued to grow at a rapid pace. But, hey, I was having baby number two so I figured my body knew what it was doing.

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