It was now day 2 of Wayne staying home from work. We needed this second day to make decisions about next steps. We told Karen, our caseworker from Mercy, we would call her with a decision by Wednesday. Throughout the last 36 hours we did gut check-ins. Both of us felt like the amniocentesis was the way to go, but we wanted to sleep on it to make sure we really wanted to go that route. We knew there were risks, but they were minimal. And we knew this option gave us the most amount of information- something at this point we were craving.

Two days removed from the day we found out our baby is so sick and our guts were still saying the amniocentesis was the way to go. We decided to listen to our guts. We needed to know exactly what was going on with our precious baby.

We called Karen to let her know our decision. She was very supportive. The procedure was scheduled for the next week.

Once this decision was made, we could breath. There was a huge weight lifted from our shoulders. Now we had to wait for another 5 days. But this gave us a chance to act “normal” for a little while. Although we were unbelievably sad and our hearts literally hurt, we had a plan. We had to wait to implement the plan, but knowing we couldn’t do anything for the time being allowed us to carry on as best we could.

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