Sample Fundraising Ideas

Involve your student leaders to come up with a fundraising ideas that are exciting and fits within the parameters set within your building and schedule. For example:

  • Pay a dollar and bring your favorite stuffed animal to school for the day
  • Have a fundraising challenge between grades or classes
  • Proceeds from an already scheduled event – Talent Show or school play – go to Bucks for Bears

Once the above steps are complete, you’re ready to implement your fundraising plan.


Advertise event(s) in the hallways, in your morning announcements, in your parent newsletter, in a letter or email sent to parents, on your website, and other avenues you have available to you and your school community.

Take time to explain Catherine Cares and Bucks for Bears to your staff and parents. Make the Parent/Faculty video available to your staff and parents to view ahead of time.

Take time to show the Student Video to your student body. This video is positive and upbeat. After showing the video, announce the details of your fundraising event(s) to the student body.

Click here for a sample heartbeat bears printout sheet to assist with your advertising.