We received another call from the Genetic Counselor to give us the final results from the amniocentesis. Wayne was at work. Madeline was having a toddler moment. I couldn’t take hearing our baby’s diagnosis again. I didn’t have the energy to rehash all of the sadness yet again. I’m just so tired – emotionally exhaustion.

Before the counselor started in on explaining all of the specific details, I asked, “Is there any new information we need to know?”

She answered, “Well, yes.”

My heart sank. What else could possibly be wrong? I know our baby is very sick. I know we are having another baby girl. I know her life expectancy is most likely hours or days. I know the life we had planned with our two beautiful daughters isn’t meant to be the way we wanted it. I simply can’t take any more upsetting information.

I think I stopped breathing.

The counselor continued, “As you know, there is a small possibility that you or your husband passed this extra chromosome to your daughter. Your test results confirm neither you nor your husband passed this to your daughter. Your daughter’s diagnosis is a terribly unfortunate fluke of nature. Furthermore, future children have no additional risk of the same diagnosis.”

Yep, I cried… tears of joy.

Even though this news does not change our current situation, a huge burden was lifted. Knowing neither Wayne nor I caused this sadness nor will we expose future children to the same horrific diagnosis was something to celebrate. In three plus weeks, this was the first good news we have received.

Finally, a silver lining.

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