It is December and we are getting closer and closer to Catherine’s due date. There were two things I wanted for Catherine’s arrival—a little comfortable outfit and a small hat for her precious head. I have been searching numerous stores for a comfortable outfit. I could not find anything I liked. And many of them seemed much too big for the little baby we were expecting. If Catherine goes to term, we were told she will be approximately four pounds. Madeline was 6 lbs 8 oz and she looked like a peanut. I could not picture a 4-pound baby. What I do know is newborn clothes looked much too big for such a little one.

I also wanted a hat. Madeline’s doctor’s office received a generous donation of handmade infant hats. My niece received one after she was born 11 months ago and it was perfect. I knew I wanted Catherine to have one. Madeline happened to need a booster shot so this was my chance to ask for a sweet little hat.

The nurse administering Madeline’s shot was new and didn’t know about the hat donations. I explained why I was asking. After hearing Catherine’s story, she was on a mission to locate the stash of hats. There were two more hats left—a blue one and a yellow one. I chose the yellow one. It was precious. As small as the hat was, I wondered if it would be too big for Catherine. I won’t know until we meet face to face.

This was the first item I collected for Catherine’s arrival. The reality of what was coming was starting to set in.

I cried the entire drive home.