We had our first OB appointment for this pregnancy. We were excited to hear our baby’s heartbeat -or maybe babies’ heartbeats. Wayne had it in his head, and it was starting to creep into mine, that we were having twins. They do run in the family. So the question was, how many heartbeats were we going to hear?

Madeline came with us to the appointment. We thought it would be a fun family event we would remember forever. Madeline made sure of that!

I was lying on the examination table with gel and the ultrasound wand on my belly looking at the monitor. Madeline was sitting on Wayne’s lap. I could see she was fidgeting. She was behaving almost nervous or worried. I told Wayne I thought she might be concerned by something. As soon as I spoke up, she began to cry and reached for me. She was having a complete meltdown. Turns out, she was worried about what the doctor was doing to me. It didn’t even occur to us to explain to her what was about to happen to mommy. She is only 15 months old. We aren’t used to having to explain everything yet. She was so upset Wayne gave her to me. I held her across my chest and she had a death grip around my neck. The doctor continued the search for our baby’s (babies’) heartbeat(s) while Madeline calmed down.

Despite the unexpected ruckus, we heard it. Our precious baby’s heartbeat- 152 beats per minute. The twin theory was just that a theory. Madeline became quite curious about that sweet sound when she heard it. She looked toward the monitor. Maybe she recognized it from her days in the womb? Regardless, Wayne and I both let out deep breaths. Our baby’s heart tones were strong. Things were looking and sounding great. What a relief!

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